Saturday, June 30, 2012


We have all heard of superfoods and how many health benefits they yield. The term “super-food” is in no way a medical term and it is not used by doctors or nutritionists, however it is a useful term to define foods that are full of nutrients that help reduce the waistline and make for a healthier heart and body. If you increase your consumption of these super-foods you will notice a definite change in how you feel and also how you look. Your skin will glow and you will feel lighter and healthier.
Many people think that superfoods are exotic and expensive, such as the goji or acai berries. And while these fruits are high in anti-oxidants and nutrients they are by no means the be all and end all of superfoods. In fact what defines most superfoods is their content of flavonols. Flavonols are found in plant based foods and drinks. They are associated with reducing the risk of heart disease. Flavonols are full of anti-oxidants that can help oxidate the cells and the DNA.

Basically what we’re saying is that any plant based natural product contains flavonols, anti-oxidants and nutrients, some more than others. Therefore all fruits and vegetables are superfoods, the brighter their colours the healthier they are. Here are some top superfoods that you should try to consume on a daily basis in order to boost your nutrient levels for a healthier lifestyle.

Goji berries
Acai berries
Kiwi fruit
Capsicum and hot peppers
Beans and lentils
Nuts and seeds


We’re super excited about this one!!!

CHOCOLATE!!! – Cocoa to be precise, so dark chocolate is more beneficial but I can already hear the ladies "whooping" and "yaying" this discovery!

Everyone can benefit from increasing their intake of these superfoods; even those that lead healthy lifestyle can tweak their eating habits for optimum results. Eating these foods will help prevent cholesterol and lower you risk of heart disease. Never self-diagnose!! Always consult your doctor for professional medical advice, but keep up a healthy diet. Not only will you be a healthier person but your mood will be uplifted and you will have more energy!

Happy eating!

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